Modular for Education

In the pursuit of knowledge

Whether your educational goals are centered around the needs of K-12 or are a company needing to offer training for employees, an environment that promotes learning is key.  A short time-frame, limited space, or budget constraints can make creating the right environment for learning difficult.  The speed, nearly limitless design options, and more efficient temporary and permanent modular construction (PMC) can be the right option.

From an entire elementary campus to single building training facilities for the nation’s largest brick and mortar retailer, or from a family run day care facility to a university staff day care, BLOK’s team has helped countless customers design and build facilities that help promote the pursuit of knowledge and have an added advantage of being able to plan for future growth today.  

We would love to educate you on the advantages of using modular for your next project.  

Modular classroom modern interior
Custom modular classroom interior