Let's Partner

Frustrated with your modular experiences?

BLOK is familiar with the complexity and often difficulty general contractors experience when working with modular dealers.  Many dealers look at selling to general contractors more as an inconsequential revenue source than an opportunity; often recommending an undesired lease structure or pushing back at subcontract T&C’s of sale transaction. BLOK welcomes the opportunity to partner with general contractors and takes full responsibility of being the expert when it comes to the modular portion of any project. 

So, what does that mean for you… 

BLOK will work closely with you to ensure all necessary scopes have been addressed and will gain a complete understanding of the overall project, coordinating with you, your subcontractors, and your client as necessary.  Acting as general on past projects BLOK team members possess an unmatched level of experience in managing combined off-site and on-site construction projects.  Are you ready to leverage BLOK’s capabilities?