Modular for Healthcare

BLOK is ready for your healthcare project

BLOK healthcare team members have years of experience supporting care providers who are transitioning from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model.  Relocatable and permanent modular construction (PMC) can play a vital role in this transition.  Recent studies have found that modular buildings are a cost-effective solution to the medical space demands. In fact, the health care industry is using modular buildings more than any other industry.  With a cleaner construction process than traditional construction, modular buildings can be completed faster, open for service sooner and meet the growing demands of the health care industry. 

BLOK knows healthcare design must support treatment functions, care efficiencies and positive experiences for staff, patients and families. Health care construction also requires a keen awareness and understanding of regulatory and compliance requirements.  Through our dealings and experience with ASHE, BLOK’s healthcare team is well versed in accepted guidelines, best practices and regulatory mandates that need to be considered and followed for healthcare projects.  BLOK’s compliance with these mandates as well as those presented with ICRA, is a priority.

So, whether you are a general practitioner looking for clinical space or an operator looking to expand BLOK is ready to help.

BLOK Team members have designed and built modular solutions for: