Modular for Sports & Entertainment

On your mark, get set, go modular!

Today’s custom modular buildings are much more than portable classrooms or construction trailers.  Permanent modular construction (PMC) offers the same level of customization of conventional built facilities and can be completed in nearly half the time.  BLOK has found that this customization or branding along with the speed at which a facility can become operational are significant drivers for the sports and entertainment industries.

Whether you need to add additional locker space, looking for uniquely designed hospitality space, or maybe an entire sport complex BLOK can design and build a solution for you.  BLOK and its design team and partners will utilize the latest technologies, like Building Information Modeling (BIM), to create a highly functional modular design.  This offers you the ability to see your space prior to any construction and will demonstrate the feel and capabilities of the space.  If branding is a critical requirement our design and renderings will also allow for a complete 360-degree view of what your facility will look like when completed.  Designed under the same code and using the same materials as in conventional buildings, your project will begin construction at an accelerated pace in factory-controller environment. Simultaneously BLOK’s site construction team will work to ensure your site is ready to receive the building.  The result – your completed turnkey facility that is equal in beauty and quality of a conventional construction project in nearly half the time.  BLOK is certain we can exceed your expectations.

Modular event center installation
prefabricated building